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Floral & Cakes

Let There Be Light

What is more important than designing the perfect floral arrangement or creating an elegant culinary creation?  Showing it off to all your guests, of course!

Hiring Intelligent Lighting Design for pin-spotting services can literally be “the icing on the cake”.  The decor elements you choose for your event, play a large role in setting the overall theme of your event.  However, they don’t fully complete the design.  So often do fabulous ideas and creative designs become lost when the lights begin to dim down for the evening.  Pinspot services are the most cost effective and dramatic way possible, to make any particle item, area, or object, beautifully visible.

Our trained lighting designers at ILD will work with you to make the most out of the existing elements you have already picked out for your event.  We also make sure that the correct color temperature is used, to make the white icing on your bridal cake – sparkle with the glow of a diamond ring.  It’s time to take your event to a platinum level.