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This is NOT Your DJ’s Uplighting

Discover the Difference.

In the recent years, disc jockeys (DJs) have begun adding store-bought, basic lighting to their inventory and calling it “uplighting”.  A few DJs go as far as to offer monograms or pinspots.   Their fees are similar to professional lighting companies, like Intelligent Lighting Design, so what is the difference?

  • Your DJ is not a qualified lighting designer.  Many clients do not know the value of a qualified lighting designer until they’ve experienced what lighting rentals can be like without one.  At ILD, our clients are assigned a dedicated & complementary lighting designer who walks them through the design process.


What does this mean?  Intelligent Lighting Design employs experienced and qualified lighting designers who design events on a daily basis unlike most DJs.


  • No DJ owns our exclusive iDesign lighting which offers 149 million color options for uplighting.  As you may have already read on our site, ILD offers a wide variety of color options for uplighting, color room washing, stage lighting, and LED tree illumination.  You can literally choose any color in the color wheel for your event.  ILD clients have access to our 6-year event portfolio, color matching applications, and one-on-one design sessions with their ILD lighting designer.  Last, but not least, ILD’s color fixtures cover 3 times (3X) the wall space than most DJ’s uplighting.  How? ILD manufactures our own fixtures and we choose to install 3X stronger LED bulbs than normal uplighting/wall washing equipment.


What does this mean?  You can have more color options and save $$$ by reserving Intelligent Lighting Design instead of a DJ for your event lighting needs.


  • Renting a monogram projection?  Our designers use mathematical equations to calculate what size barrel lens should be on the end of your projector, so you monogram is focused and fits the specific space you’ve chosen for it.  Many DJs only own 1 barrel, therefore, they do not know how it will work out in your event.


What does this mean?  When you rent a monogram projection from a DJ, you take a risk.


  • DJs do not own speciality lighting tools like hanging equipment, pattern stencil catalogs, or outdoor lighting equipment.  This is a very important fact when you have plans to utilize pinspotting, patterns, chandeliers, or outdoor lighting solutions.  For example: With pinspotting, your DJ may only carry a tripod stand (does not look good in photos!) for clamping your pinspot above a cake or floral centerpiece while ILD carries up to 10 different ways to secure a pinspot without a tripod.  We can design a way to “hide” pinspots from your guests, as most DJs cannot guarantee this.  While ILD clients are provided with an on-site design team to setup all of their rented lighting, most DJs do not offer this service.


What does this mean?  When you rent lighting from your DJ, you will have limited lighting design options.


  • DJs do not carry liability insurance that specifically covers lighting design equipment and services.  Yes, your DJ may be insured – but in what way?  DJs offer uplighting and other lighting services as an add-on to their DJ packages, but do not carry lighting-specific liability insurance to additionally insure their clients.  At ILD, each and every event is additionally insured once you establish a rental agreement for your lighting.  Although ILD uses eco-friendly, energy-efficient lighting that is safe for children & decor, we still choose to insure that your event planning is worry-free.


What does this mean?  When you rent lighting from your DJ, normally you are liable for any lighting damage to your facility in the case that he makes a serious error.