{Cait’s Captures}: Gala Material

June 13, 2016

{Cait’s Captures}: Gala Material

See what a little Sparkle can do to your décor.

Upgrade your wedding to a gala feel that your guests will love and adore. Have a look at The 2016 Crystal Ball Gala for the Helping Hands organization. This elegantly planned event utilized the lighting from our Sparkle, Versailles, and Pearl chandeliers to illuminate the space.

Did you know? The Crystal Ball Gala is a fundraiser that benefits the organization Helping Hand Home for children. HHH provides a nurturing and therapeutic home for children who have suffered severe abuse and neglect. ILD is grateful to have participated in an event that supports this cause. The Crystal Ball Gala is a 71-year running event and this year raised $1 million dollars–HHH’s largest earning fundraiser yet. The proceeds will support therapeutic treatment and services, enrichment activities and education services for children living at HHH.

We asked ILD’s event design and Lighting Design Specialist, Michael McGuire, to share his design process for this extravagant event. “The client came to us a year in advance with only a concept,” said Michael. After the designer-client consultation, Michael used a pen and paper to draw a 3D visual of different designs that incorporated our chandeliers. “The chandeliers were critical to the concept, all the décor and scenic elements were designed around the chandeliers.” During the “design phase, once we collaborated to find the right mix, the client made use of our entire inventory.” From there, everything fell into place and the elegant-garden party concept became the event the client had envisioned.

(Photos by: Jerry Hayes Photography-