{Cait’s Catch}: Dimes & Diamonds, Budget Lighting – Saving money never looked so extravagant

April 1, 2016

{Cait’s Catch}: Dimes & Diamonds, Budget Lighting
Saving money never looked so extravagant.

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When I usually think of budget I think of settling.  Settling in the aspect of essentially trading my wants for being more practical in a financial manner. As we all know putting together elaborate events, such as weddings, figures can really add up. There seems to always be a constant struggle between what to sacrifice: the bank or that diamond infused-satin tablecloth. Well sacrifice no more; thankfully, there are ways to keep your bank a float with that diamond infused-satin tablecloth. If you want that “diamond infused-sating tablecloth” look just take a glance at your lighting. There are various ways one can use lighting to enhance the ambiance of the event. For example, try adding candlelight, the least expensive option, to the décor. One step up would be to use festoon lighting (string café lights) to set the tone. If you have a little more room, this would be the ideal option, is to go ahead and acquire a lighting designer. They are experts at picking the right kind and color of lighting to create the desired glow. The take away is this: when managing the budget for the event at hand spend less money on other décor aspects and more on lighting. Budget lighting is more cost effective than having more diamonds in your centerpieces. Lighting is a huge and critical factor when creating that extravagant atmosphere you and the guests will love.