Hollywood Meets Austin: What the local events and lighting world can expect

August 12, 2013

We recently had the opportunity to produce the ISES Austin Gatsby Gala in June, in coordination with Premiere Select and the Flower Studio. Our team knew we had to rock this event, not only because ISES is a prestigious organization, but because we wanted to thoroughly fulfill the ever so popular Gatsby theme. We looked no further than Samantha Sackler Productions who is prominent for creating all of the Hollywood movie premiere parties (including the 2013 Great Gatsby movie premiere party and Wolverine Red Carpet Party), TV wrap ups, and product launch parties. Samantha Sackler Productions is based out of California and is a fully integrated marketing and event company, in addition to her newly launched Designer 8* Furniture Rental, offering a variety of high end furniture. Glamourous are her events just as she.

Executing over 1,000 events, it has been our distinct pleasure to be in communication with her to get her perspective on our own Austin event industry.

1) Austin, Texas is prominent for its music scene (SXSW) and other events including Formula 1 and now X Games, however, the Austin Film Industry is growing as well. What are your thoughts on this and do you see big movie productions/premieres happening in Austin anytime soon?
Austin is becoming an increasingly important city next to Hollywood. Not only is it the fastest growing city, but it also has a high concentration of young professionals with a thirst for all things entertainment.
Austin could be a significant force in the near future for screenings and promotional events for films. SXSW has definitely paved the way with thousands of die-hard fans flocking to the festival every year, and more and more high profile talent is attending to promote films and television shows. I can envision more screenings and fan-related events both being tied to the festival and taking place throughout the year.

2) What quality of Austin would you utilize if you were ever to host an event here?
The options are extensive in Austin, and it would depend on the type of event. Austin has some great venues with character, reflecting the history and charm of the region.
Some of the venues we like to include:
Speakeasy on the Avenue — It offers many event production options as well as live performance capabilities. When it is not being rented out for events, it is a popular bar and live entertainment destination. George Clooney has even been noted to stop by when he is in town.
Holy Mountain — A great space that features the rustic feel and authentic food of the region.
Venues like these are used regularly during SXSW and are viable options for events throughout the year that we may produce.

3) How crucial is lighting in an event and why?
Lighting is essential—lighting is a key element for all productions and brings added drama to the environment. Lighting can set the mood; it transforms spaces and can help minimize the need for extensive décor. We use lighting to highlight certain areas and, if needed, de-emphasize other areas.

4) Based on Intelligent Lighting Design’s photos and website, what characteristics do you see?
We can certainly see how Intelligent Lighting Design works closely with its clients on sophisticated and creative lighting solutions. We like the wide use of colors and patterns and particularly like the use of breakups on the wall to create a wallpaper type feel.

5) You’ve produced over 1,000 events, what has been your most rewarding experience?
It is wonderful to see our clients’ reactions when we transform a space and bring their vision to life. In addition to producing events, we launched Designer8* Event Furniture Rental and it has been extremely rewarding to offer our clients not only event services but also furniture, bars, and accessories that help complete the look of an event.

We can only hope to work with the talented Samantha in the near future! Ask us how our team can bring this big city vibe to Austin! See Samantha Sackler Turbo Party and Great Gatsby Premiere Party photos below. See Great Gatsby Premiere Party video here.