Light Skills at the Driskill

April 5, 2013

A wedding at the Driskill is bound to be a most romantic affair. With its high columns and large chandeliers, the venue seems almost regal in elegance, which makes it more exciting to vamp up with some modern technology.

At this particular celebration, we pulled out all the stops. In the reception area, we added amber column uplighting and wireless pin spotting for the center pieces. For the ceremony room, we installed an interactive lighting system (controlled by a touch of an iPad), which gave a dramatic flair by changing colors when the bride stepped onto the aisle. We also set up a pair of high-resolution, full-color, glass stencil projections – custom-made to imitate stained glass windows, on either side of the fireplace. The projections served as perfect backdrops as the couple walked down the aisle to the reception.

And just to prove that we offer endless possibilities, we transformed the ceremony room into a mini nightclub while guests were seated at the reception. Our crew set up the stage and interactive truss towers in a mere span of 45 minutes. Again, with the help of our handy iPad controller, we adjusted the shapes, colors, and direction of the lights while guests danced on.

Nowadays, you should pair your music DJ with a lighting DJ, right?