No Strings Attached

May 17, 2013

We’ve recently introduced our new wireless pinspotting services, and so far they have been a popular choice for our clients. They are the latest in cutting-edge technology that saves you time and money. These magnetic, battery-operated pinspots offer the advantage of no wires, extension cords, and the freedom to place them virtually anywhere throughout the venue to allow maximum customization. They’re perfect for illuminating specific areas like featured centerpieces, florals, cakes, walkways, fashion runways, and much more. Our favorite part about these pinspots is how easily manageable they are – especially for outdoor events! It has now become almost effortless to create visible walkways for outdoor nighttime events or spotlighting outdoor food stations. It has also come to no surprise that artists have reached out to us to highlight their artwork. Brilliance!

At Intelligent Lighting Design, we are continuously asking ourselves how we can step it up and keep our sights on the future. Our little crystal ball is telling us that these pinspots are taking us in the right direction. They are intricate, yet absolutely hassle-free: no wires, no mess, and so easy to install, you can do it yourself!

Product photos provided by FUEL.