Springtime in Austin

April 17, 2013

At Intelligent Lighting Design (ILD), we like to make sure that we keep up with trends and would say that our forte is in making sure that not only does every wedding depict the visionaire of the bride, but also that our work symbolizes our modern technology and equipment. 

Coinciding with the current spring fashion alerts such as emerald green, metallics, and hints of champagne, we couldn’t help but notice a trend in weddings. With themes such as a Great Gatsby soiree, Mad Men, and the simple elegancy of the 1920s, we’ve made sure that our uplighting drastically reflects off of all the metallic colors and focuses on all decor.

According to Regional Director Katherine McCommon, chandeliers and festoon vintage bulbs are popular. Chandeliers- whether black, crystal, large, small, or tabletop, along with festoon bulbs that depict little globes, hang significantly overheard indoors or outdoors. It’s the low glow of the clear bulbs that produces an organic feeling. To the ILD crew, its the simplicity of transforming a plain backyard space into a magical place for all guests to experience that keeps the ongoing designing of technology and equipment stewing.

During the spring season, it is only inevitable to have an urge to utilize the outdoors and enjoy everything that comes with it. Brides are enjoying the organic feel and have requested to see whimsical patterns and stained glass projections. What use to be your noted monogram projections, has now transformed into LED dance floor models. The tiles can be automated to create an ever changing dance floor. Not only will it project the seasons colors, but it will also encourage all guests to dance. 

While colors and designs are inspiration for fashion designers, colors and venues are inspirations for our design specialists and technical directors. Little do attendees know that all lighting projections are controlled by the brisk movement of the technical directors’ fingertips on an iPad.

“Our state of the art iPad lighting control software allows us to discreetly control lighting by utilizing a completely wireless system” said Event Design Specialist Garrett Crooks. “This allows our on site technicians to work from anywhere in the venue while still having full access to all of the features that our iDesign products offer.”

Besides enjoying the ability to easily manage our lighting devices with technology, it is the springtime in Austin that we enjoy. The city of Austin is able to cater to the bride and be versatile enough to allow her to choose whether she’d like a contemporary, modern wedding at the downtown AMOA arthouse or be able to have a hill country wedding at venues like the Barr Mansion, Camp Lucy, and Antebellum Oaks. With all of our lighting technology abilities and endless design possibilities in the beautiful city of Austin, we can help make any bride’s dream wedding become a reality.



[Check out the AMOA Arthouse, Camp Lucy, Antebellum Oaks, and Barr Mansion Facebook pages for updates and information.]